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Go login, create a new order and fill out your shipment details.


Select the right delivery partner which is best fit for you.


Place order and relax while getting notified on each delivery stage.

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Save big on every order.

Savings is our last name. Get rewards, coupons, cashbacks, discounts and what not? Don’t believe my words, just try us out.

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Our Features

What's so special about us?

Huge Range

A wide range of PIN codes covered by numerous logistics partners.

All in one

Have a great experience in tracking, shipping, delivery and management of orders in one place.

Cloud Platform

Access your account from any device. Our service is cloud based and cross platform.

Under One Roof

You just name it and we have it. We provide every type of logistic solution. From hyper-local to cross borders.

Easy to use

It can even be used by a 12 year old kid. A platform which is developed by the customers for the customers.

We care

We got your back. If you face any difficulty, contact us. We have 24/7 chat, call and email support.


Shipment Cost(discounted rates) + 5% Service Charger + GST

Refund & Cancellation

Just cancel before the package get picked. As simple as that. Money will be refunded to your wallet within 7 business days.

About Us

Why we created Bohon?

Hi! There,
So I am a Artist and I used to sell hand painted t-shirts. It was a small scale hobby business. I used to deliver products on my own. Then Covid happned. I had a small stock of blank tshirt and I had enough time to make art but, "How, I gonna deliver those?"

I searched for every delivery services but customers are not willing to pay those high charges. And none of the delivery platforms were easy to use. A lots of alien terminology and ahhhh.....

So that's why me made Bohon. The easiest way to deliver your stuff. Bohon is on its way just a few more days.